Frequently asked questions:

Consignments -

Q: How long does a consignment last?
A: 60 days.

Q: How do I make an appointment?
A: Call the shop at 719-528-6616 to make an appointment.

Q: What items do you take for consignments?
A: See the How to Consign page

Consignor Access -

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An items description usually begins with a 3 letter code to describe what it is. The codes are quicker and easier to type in and take up less space on the tag.  Codes begin with a M for Maternity, or W for Women’s.





Belt BE Bracelet B Short Sleeve S/SL
Boots BT Pendant P Long Sleeve L/SL
Blazer BL Set SET Sleeveless S/LESS
Coat CT Earrings E Extra Small XS
Gloves GL Pin PIN Small S
Formal FL Necklace N Medium M
Jeans JE Ring R Large L
Jewelry JW Extra Large XL
Pantsuit PS
Scarf SC
Shoes SO
Jacket JK
Misc. MI
Pants PT
Shirt SH
Shorts ST
Top TP
Blouse BL
Dress DR
Hat HT
Jumpsuit JS
Overalls OB
Purse PU
Skirt SK
Suit SU
Vest VT